Yoga at the Old Town Hall

Yoga classes are currently paused indefinitely.


Adult Yoga Schedule

Wednesdays and Saturdays 9:30 A.M on Facebook Live

You can find her live here.


Teacher Bio

Martha Atkins loves that yoga is truly for everyone. She sees yoga as the exploration of being human, alive, breathing. As one practices regularly regardless of why they started its so clear to her the transformations that take place as balance begins to happen. She has experienced in her own practice the ability to recognize things like stressful thinking, reactions, patterns, and is learning little by little to shift focus and energy toward things that grow health and vitality, away from worry and anxiety. A lifelong practice! Sometimes yoga sounds like it’s a mystical or strange spiritual practice, it’s not. It’s about managing stress, recognizing culprits, and learning to move and be more like when we were young! It’s about being alive and how we experience it.

Martha loves making yoga accessible, practical, and grounded. Exactly where you and I are at that moment finding what we need, letting go of what we don’t.

Yoga Class Etiquette 

All OTH Yoga community classes are 1 hour and open to every level of experience and ability. Drop In $10

Before Class:

If this is your first class at the OTH, please arrive a few minutes before class to complete a quick waiver and health information form.

For all classes, arrive a few minutes before class begins. If you must arrive late please let yourself into the hall quietly and settle onto your mat for opening relaxation, join the class when you are ready. Take a look at myYogaTeacher Blog to find the best workouts for you to make at home.

Please bring your own mat to class. You may also wish to bring a blanket or pillow if it makes relaxation more accessible.

Inform the teacher of any injuries or concerns you may have.

Be aware of good hygiene to avoid offending your fellow yoga students. No strong perfumes, please.

Unless you have a special need, please turn off all cell-phones and pagers before class begins.

During Class:

Leave your competitive nature at home. Honor your inner voice and your edge.

Have a light heart and a good time. Laugh at your teacher’s jokes even if they are not funny.

Leave time for a good Savasana (relaxation pose) at the end of class. If you have to leave early, take your own Savasana before you go. Do not leave during the class Savasana so as not to disturb this time of stillness.

Old Town Hall
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