Buying Tickets Online

By purchasing tickets to any of our upcoming Tiny Concerts, or limited-seating theatre productions, you agree to enter into a social contract with the Waterford Old Town Hall.

What that means is you agree to treat fellow audience members with respect, under the current circumstances, abiding by all necessary protocols set forth by the province, the county, and our venue. In turn, we promise to take exceptional care of you.

To this end, we have established strict sanitization, contact tracing, mask, and distancing protocols. Please arrive willing to wait outdoors if necessary. Admission is limited, and when ready, you’ll be seated in a distanced pod, and movement will be restricted and guided by trained staff. Please arrive wearing a mask, and wear it during any movement within the building. Of course, should you wish to have a beverage at the show, while seated, you may remove your mask to enjoy.

An industrial grade UV and charcoal air purification system has been permanently installed, and plexi barriers will be on stage during Tiny Concerts.

Online tickets can be found here:

Please email if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to request a special seating arrangement with others in your family bubble or pod.