About Artist Flossie Bullweaval

At age 12, Flossie began sewing in hopes of creating her own clothing. In high school, she thrived in home economics, expanding her knowledge, and continuing to build upon it into her adult life, crafting decor pieces for her family for a more personal touch around her home.

After a few years, Flossie realized this was her way of sharing her love and her God-given gift, passing it on to others. Along with sharing her gift, Flossie also donates 10% of her earnings to a struggling family in her community.

Flossie’s breadth of work expands far beyond what you see in the OTH gallery. She designs and creates everything from quilts, blankets, and bibs to vintage stools and ottomans. She has even delved into recovering patio furniture. Flossie owns a commercial heat press where she can transfer designs like Vera’s onto virtually any fabric piece. Her talents are never-ending, similar to her creativity.

If you’re wondering the name origin, Flossie Bullwinkle was a nickname given to her by her husband, that evolved into her business name Flossie Bullweaval.